Monday, January 13, 2014

made for MORE.

I watched the first four sessions of the "Restless" dvd

on the same day. 
The 8  Restless dvd segments are inspirational.  It is important to stop, listen and be reminded of God's intentionality and purpose for each life.  Re-evaluate.  We become "restless" for a reason.  I watched the "baby box" and felt just this.  Restlessness must result in action. 
How can I help?
What can I do?
It might start with praying, but it has to result in DOing something.
Jennie Allen discusses through the sessions how God has a purpose for each person.  That purpose begins in the unique way He created you and place He puts you.  (In other words, start right where God has you, with the people right around you.  Love and care for them...and maybe, if you are like me, show them the baby box too :) and ask them to join in and pray about how to help).
Are you RESTless? 
Maybe there is a need for another "baby box"
within your reach. 
Even the little stuff is big when it is done in love.

I received a copy of this dvd for the purpose of review.

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