Thursday, December 12, 2013

reclaim hope

"we've diagnosed a marriage that has terminal cancer
and treated it as if it were only suffering from a common cold..."
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This book is divided into three sections. 
1.  Seeing your marriage clearly.
2.  Change begins with you.
3.  Initiating change in your marriage.
Secular "therapy" tells women to leave.  Divorce.  No questions asked.  The church tells women to "stay".  No matter what.  No questions asked.  Author Leslie Vernick writes from a hopeful and honest place where the reality of life and wisdom meet.  In Chapter 7 she discusses CORE strengths that need to be developed. 
The goal is to be Committed to truth and reality
Open to growth, instruction, feedback
Responsible for myself, Respectful toward others
Empathetic and compassionate toward others without enabling them to abuse and disrespect
These goals accomplished with the help of God.
The principles in this book are practical and could be applied to relationships other than marriage.

Leslie Vernick is a licensed clinical social worker and relationship coach.  She has been helping individuals, couples, families heal, rebuild, or grow their relationships.

I received a copy of this book for the purpose of review.

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